GST regime: New MRP rules released, defaulting manufacturers to be fined

Goods and Services Tax

Govt has given 3 months time to reprint revised MRPs under

the Packaged Commodities: Paswan tweeted

Latest news : The government on Tuesday warned that legal action will be initiated against

manufacturers for not printing the revised MRP post rollout of the GST.

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said the government has given three months

time till September to reprint the revised maximum retail price (MRP) with the implementation of

the landmark Goods and Services Tax (GST).

In a series of tweets, Paswan said that prices of some commodities have fallen, while some have

increased with the implementation of GST.

“Fall in prices due to lower GST should be passed on to consumers. …The government will take legal

action against vendors not declaring revised MRP after GST,” he said.

The revised rates should be displayed on commodities so that consumers are aware what is the MRP

of each item after GST, he added.

“The government has given time till September to reprint the revised MRP under the Packaged

Commodities Rule,” he said.

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benefits, cuts vehicle prices by 7%


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