Calling Rahul Gandhi “Pappu” got a UP Congress leader sacked

Rahul Gandhi, rahul, gandhi

The leader, however, denies all the allegations, calling it an attempt to frame him



Latest news : A senior Congress member, Vinay Pradhan of Meerut district, was dismissed on Tuesday for reportedly calling party vice-president Rahul Gandhi  “pappu” in a WhatsApp group.

According to Times of India, Pradhan in a message – which was circulated seven times – praised Rahul’s attempts for “putting the interest of the nation before his own.” But it said, “Pappu could have joined hands with Adani, Ambani and Mallya but he did not do that. Pappu could have been a minister or even the Prime Minister, but he did not go down that road. Instead, he put his life on the line by going to Mandsaur.”

Farmers in Mandsaur district, have been protesting since June 1, demanding loan waivers and higher remunerative prices for their crops. The situation became worse when five people were killed by the police on June 6. Since then, many political leaders including Rahul Gandhi have tried to visit Mandsaur and meet the families of farmers who were killed.

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According to the Hindu, district party spokesperson Abhimanyu Tyagi wrote to senior party leaders, which resulted in Pradhan’s removal from all party posts. Disciplinary committee chairperson, Ramakrishna Dwivedi said the leader was sacked for “violating the constitution of Congress party”, TOI reported. “This is an attempt to malign the party leadership. Other parties appear to be involved in this,” he reportedly said.


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