Sneak peek into Justin Bieber’s India tour: Yoga, jacuzzi, convoys & more

Justin Bieber

Here’s a sneak peek into the unique itenary of Bieber’s India tour



Justin Bieber’s maiden concert in India will take place on May 10 in Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium. The pop star will land here on May 7 and is expected to stay for five days. The excitement surrounding the concert is increasing with each passing day. The organisers of the event have made special arrangements to ensure that thesinger has a comfortable stay.  Here’s a sneak peek into the unique itenary of Bieber’s India tour, prepeared by White Fox India, the company organising the Grammy winner’s trip, as a part of his Purpose World Tour:

Two five-star hotels have been reserved for security reasons. The hotels will re-design his suite and incorporate Mughal paintings, antique furniture and signature Kashmiri bedroom linen. His room will be adorned with purple carnations as purple is his favourite colour. One hotel will be converted into Bieber’s private villa with three floors booked for the artist and his entourage and one elevator blocked for him alone.

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A special Yoga casket containing aromatic essential oils — jasmine, mogra, rose and camphor incense sticks — and books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber’s suite knowing his love for Yoga. A licensed female masseuse especially flown in from Kerala will be provided to Bieber on all four days. Hundred hangers, cans of wildberries and vanilla room freshners, hydrating lip balms are some of the special requests being catered to in his suite. The rooms with the best view in the quietest part of the hotel with only king size beds with a 24 hour fitness centre with a steam room are reserved for the singer.

Bieber has requested that his dressing room be entirely draped with white curtains, a large glass-door refrigerator, clothing shelves, eight power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs. He also demanded 24 still water bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, four energy drinks, six vitamin water bottles, six cream sodas as well as a cooler packed with assorted juices fizzy drinks. The list also includes four natural juices, four vanilla protein drinks and half a gallon of almond milk.(read more)


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