PM Modi to flag off first RCS flight from Shimla tomorrow


Himachal govt yet to approve viability gap funding demand made by Alliance Air of Rs 1.4 lakh/flight


An Alliance Air ATR-42 aircraft with 15 passengers will take off from Shimla airport on 11.15 am on Thursday heralding the launch of regional connectivity scheme (RCS).


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off the Shimla-Delhi flight from Himachal Pradesh capital and launch two other services (Kadapa-Hyderabad and Nanded-Hyderabad) under the government policy, which aims to link unconnected towns with affordable fares.


The Kadapa-Hyderabad and Nanded-Hyderbad flights will be operated by TruJet and minimum tickets on these two routes is priced at Rs 1,000 one way.


“We will operate the ATR-42 aircraft five times a week between Delhi-Shimla. The demand is positive and seats on the route are filling up fast,” said Alliance Air chief executive officer C S Subbhaih. Alliance Air is a subsidiary of Air India.

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Under the RCS  an airline is bound to sell 50% of the seats at subsidised fares and on Delhi-Shimla route one way ticket is priced at Rs 1,920. The ATR-42  aircraft has 48 seats but due to restrictions at the Shimla airport Alliance Air will only be able to fill 35 seats  to Shimla and 15 seats for its return leg to Delhi. The highest system fare on Delhi-Shimla route has been kept at Rs 20,000 one way.  (read more)


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